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8 Tips To Creating The Proper Buzz In The Music Business

8 Tips to creating the proper buzz in the music business

Here are 2 excerpts from my book "So you want to be a rap star?" this is about Radio play and 360 deals. Check it out!

Here are 2 excerpts from my book "So you want to be a rap star?" this is about Radio play...

Spate Media Officially Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

Its always a difficult decision to make when you have to vote for your president but we feel confid...

Defining Your Moment As A Music Artist

Part of reaching your goals as a music artist will depend on you defining your moment. What is defi...

5 Reasons Fetty Wap's Career Took Off

People tend to think Fetty Wap's career took off out of nowhere but there was a few things he h...

5 Ways To Be The Hottest Rapper In Your City

There are a few steps to becoming the next big rap star. Lets begin with your team. You should have...

Donald Wayne King Wants To Be The Number One Bass Player On Social Media

Donald Wayne King is a bass and guitar player from the New York area and he plans on taking over th...


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